Saturday, October 3, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 64

I call this: Conquering Mount Lazy.

I was suppose to head to a park today and take photos, but when I woke, up my body and mind had other plans. By the time I was fully awake and functional, it was close to 2 PM.  I managed to get this shot during parts of the times this morning I was awake and conscious. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 63

If you didn't know, I like owls.

This is the longest streak I've had with an incremental project ever and it is killing me. I'm running out of ideas and of photos (past or present) to post. Photography is a creative outlet and stress reliever for me, but the pressure of posting everyday doesn't help. There are several times I just wanted to go to bed early, but I couldn't because I hadn't posted my photo yet.

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 62

I use to hang out in Riverside Park South and River Side Park after work and on the weekends. The parks start at 60th street and go all the way up to 129th street on the westside of Manhattan.  If I remember correctly these building are one of Trump's many luxury residential buildings.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 60

Objects in my apt making interesting shadows on the wall. Trying to put this up early, so I can head to bed early. My body feels like it is fighting something and I think sleep might be the cure ...
*whispers: Just 40 more days to go ...*